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Hey now! My name is Jemini, & I am the boss lady of the biz. ✌I started vending with my mother, Traci, in 2008 and together-for over 13 years- we set up our shop at over 200+ festivals/events; originally as "Daze Between", later to become "A Dead Stop" at one fateful Summer Camp Fest.

In 2012 I began designing lapel pins, which led to the start of my own first business Jemini Pins, and by 2014 I had expanded my brand to a full blown boutique of uniquely designed apparel & accessories now known as Jemini's Bazaar; a funkadelic shop of unique & colorful clothing inspired by music, art, and the hippie culture. Where FUNky people can find everything their heart desires.

Tragically, my mother passed in 2021 in a sudden accident. She absolutely would have wanted me to keep living our dream, and that's just what I plant to do. So, while "Jemini's Bazaar" is my brand, I also hold "A Dead Stop" true to my heart, forever.

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