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Soft sleek pillow case measures 30"(w) x 20"(h) and is able to fit a standard sized pillow.

Design images printed using heat dye sublimation technique to prevent discoloring.

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Satin Pillow Cases

Q: Why switch to Satin?

A: Sleeping on a satin pillowcase helps smooth frizzy hair and minimizes static. The silky-smooth fabric of satin pillowcases allows your hair to slide across the surface more easily. This also helps cut down on the frizz for those of you with curly locks. VS Cotton pillowcases generate too much friction, which can cause your hair to get all tangled and even break more easily. The friction of cotton pillowcases weakens strands over time and leads to hair that is more prone to breakage.


Made to Order | 4 Weeks Production time

All sales are final. No returns/exchanges/order cancellations 

Satin Pillow Case

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